I miss them, you know, cuddled up on their couches

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All it takes is one phone call to the police and she can be

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I never seen or heard of men cheering each other on for the

canada goose Leading up to him visiting her in Florida (where everything pops off apparently) he’s had about a month where he’s taking some “supplements” to help him get in shape because he’s trying to sell fitness plans. The “supplements” are making him act really weird. That whole month he barely talks to her, a […]

For even numbered games, the first race is the second race in

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This afternoon I found a hidden camera that was fitted inside

Through the conversation, the interaction, we gather in the back story, we get the gist. There are no easy answers. It’s life, messy life, the life we’d rather not think about as we listen to the radio, doing the ironing, making marmalade, cocooned mostly from the nasty, brutish world dealt with by others on our […]

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Canada Goose online COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) A tornado smashed into a commercial district in the small Mississippi city of Columbus on Saturday afternoon, shattering businesses as severe storms raked the South amid days of drenching rains and a rising flood threat. In the east Mississippi city and was confirmed on radar, said meteorologist Anna Wolverton […]